There is a INR300 Linen and security deposit , which is returned upon checkout .
Absolutely not. We filter our water thoroughly, but it’s still not drinkable.
Yes, on the UG floor there’s a simple kitchen that you’re welcome to use.
Yes, we have hot showers in winters to share, and the en-suite room also has a hot shower.
Yes, If you’re coming back to stay with us we’ll hold onto your stuff for a few weeks. There’s no fee for this.
Yes, our kitchen is open from 8am. As well as the free breakfast and tea or coffee we sell local delights, soups & snacks, and each day we cook a different meal too.
Yes it’s fine. We have 24-7 security so there’s always someone here to welcome you. Just ring the bell!
Like any big city you have to take care and think about security, but it’s no more dangerous than any Western capital city.
8.30AM-10.30AM. If you’re checking out earlier, and our night staff .
By bus. It’s cheap, comfortable, takes 16 hours, and there are great views of nepal on the way.
You can pay when you check in .
11.00, but you’re welcome to leave your stuff at the hostel  if you’re not leaving until later in the day
Check-in time in 13:00 but if you arrive earlier you’re welcome to leave your stuff .